Keith DiAngelis

Keith DiAngelis first started playing drums in the 5th grade, joining his school concert and marching bands, and has been hooked ever since. He was influenced at an early age by The Allman Brothers Band drummers, Jaimoe and Butch Trucks, which led to forming his own style that includes elements of rock, blues and jazz. Before joining Mason West, Keith was a founding member of the Barnes Brothers Band, a local Connecticut rock band that had a strong following with his brother Mike on lead vocals and Tony Deziel on lead guitar.

Today, Keith keeps the rhythm flowing for the Mason West Band. He takes his craft seriously, and strives to make each performance memorable for the audience and fellow musicians. Along with founding members Jeff Comeau and Rob Prigioni, Keith’s always ready to get behind his kit and make music for anyone who wants to listen.

“Anytime I play with this band, I know something special is going to happen. I hope our audience enjoys the music as much as I do. Always grateful for our fans that support us … Hope to see you at our next show!”

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