The Mason West Band

The Mason West Band originates from the New England state of Connecticut. Their musical interests and influences are rooted deep within the blues and rock genres. The bands musical style and direction draws on inspirations from artists like Robert Johnson, The Allman Brothers Band, ZZ Top, and The Black Crowes, to name a few…

Using the same formula as their hero’s, they’ve been able to inject a fresh approach to old standard blues songs and classic rock cuts.

Consisting of four members, Jeff Comeau on Guitar/Lead Vocals- Rob Prigioni on Slide Guitar/Harp- Matt Comeau on Bass and Keith DiAngelis on Drums, The Mason West Band has committed itself to bringing its fans a great time through music that is held so close to their hearts…


One thought on “The Mason West Band

  1. Hi guys, my name is Mason West and I’m from Australia. So I was googling my name one day and hallelujah- The Mason West Band came up! I checked out some of your stuff on the ‘Tube and I loved it! I just would like to know why you are called the Mason west Band? Regards, Mason West.

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